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An eventful season has no doubt left its mark on your fibreglass, steel or wood boat. The repair and maintenance of the paint surface is not only important in terms of appearance, but also a crucial element in protecting, preserving and increasing the lifespan and value of your pride and joy.

We will bring out the best in your boat or yacht, from the expert preparation to the glistening mirror finish.

With precise hand work and attention to the finest detail, we coat your vessel using only materials of the highest quality. Preparation is as important as the paint, and we pride ourselves on the work you don’t see as much as the results you do. Dis- and reassembly of hatches, windows, doors and more, pre-treatment, primer and repair are all part of our complete service.

Our company, HuB Yachtcoating, was founded in 2007 and we have been specialising in the careful treatment of boats and yachts ever since. We have a young and passionate team with core competencies in rebuilding lacquer, high-gloss coating, surface finishing and restoration of “Historic ships“.

In addition to the Smartrepair process, and the coating of underwater vessels, we also offer painting of boat interiors.

Products we use come from well-known and trusted manufacturers such as Mapaero, Epifanes, Awlgrip etc. Through close cooperation with our suppliers we are able to ensure our coating components are of the highest possible quality, which means the highest quality results for your boat.